2011 mHealth Summit Exhibit Floor Highlights (Day One)

Startups and tech giants alike comprise the 300 exhibitors at the 2011 mHealth Summit in Washington, D.C. This video from Day One features three companies that are using mHealth in unique ways.

Twitter recap: Kathleen Sebelius keynote from mHealth Summit

On Monday, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius told attendees at the 2011 mHealth Summit that mobile health innovations hold promise of a future with more control over our health.

Kathleen Sebelius at the 2011 mHealth Summit

Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius discusses mHealth and its role in the larger landscape of national healthcare IT efforts in this keynote from the 2011 mHealth Summit in Washington, D.C.

Qualcomm unveils Qualcomm Life and the 2Net hub

By Eric Wicklund, Editor, mHIMSS
WASHINGTON – Qualcomm is marking its official foray into the mobile health field with a new company, a venture fund, a new gateway platform designed to improve home-based connectivity to mobile medical devices and some 40 partnerships with mHealth vendors and service providers.

Top mobile health innovators for 2011 named

By Eric Wicklund, Editor, mHIMSS
The top 11 mobile health innovators for 2011 have been selected by the mHealth Alliance and Rockefeller Foundation.

HIMSS' HIT X.0 transports attendees into the future

By Patty Enrado, Senior Editor
With a new mobile initiative being launched and as the newest of the organizing partners for the mHealth Summit, HIMSS has a lot to share in the area of mobile health.

Five questions with John Stratton

By Eric Wicklund, Editor, mHIMSS
John Stratton, executive vice president and chief operating officer for Verizon Wireless, will deliver a 9:30 a.m. keynote address Tuesday in the Potomac Ballroom at the mHealth Summit. Verizon, in its second year as a partnering sponsor for the summit, owns and operates one of the nation's largest 4G and 3G networks and offers a wide array of end-to-end healthcare solutions tied to machine-to-machine technology.

Sessions on designing consumer apps draw attendees

By Mary Mosquera, Senior Editor
When it comes to designing health applications for consumers, mHealth Summit attendees, it seems, just can't get enough.

StartUp Health roundtable seeks to foster innovation, overcome obstacles

By Eric Wicklund, Editor, mHIMSS
The healthcare landscape isn't a smooth one for health and wellness entrepreneurs. They're faced with mobile medical app regulations still being refined by federal authorities, investors wary of investing in the market, and hospital and healthcare executives who are reluctant to try new ideas.

Show reminder: Last day to register for key summit events

The deadline to sign up for the mHealth Summit's Keynote Luncheon, the Mobile Health Venture Fair and the Fierce Mobile Executive Breakfast Roundtable is 2 p.m. today. Sign up for these events at the show registration window.

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